Video Marketing for Attorneys

video marketing for attorneys can help increase conversionsYouTube, the largest video-sharing website, has over 4 billion video views on the site every single day. It’s hard to deny the growing influence of videos. It’s common knowledge that not everyone learns the same way. Some people learn by seeing, some people learn by doing, and others learn by hearing. When it comes to the content on your website, you have to think the same way. While some people enjoy reading, others can learn and absorb more by watching a video. By having different types of content on your site (for example, long-form written content and shorter, more engaging content like videos), you allow your website to be more accessible to different types of consumers. Having different types of content on your website can lead to many long-term benefits, such as increasing your conversion rate (which in turn maximizes your return on investment) and increasing your organic visibility by increasing the amount of real estate your website has on search engine results pages.

Examples Of Our Video Marketing For Attorneys

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Help Increase Conversions

One of the greatest struggles that attorneys face when it comes to online marketing is that they are in fact selling themselves, and their expertise, which can often be difficult to translate into words. While we always recommend that our clients display their bar associations, awards that they have won, and other credentials like their Avvo rating on their website, video allows attorneys to connect with visitors in additional ways. Engaging, well-made videos help to establish a level of comfort with a visitor and establishes trust between you and your potential clients before they’ve even contacted your firm. With this in mind, adding videos to your website can help drive conversions such as form fill outs and phone calls, further increasing your return on investment.

Taking Advantage of Google’s Relationship With YouTube

As you probably know, Google has owned YouTube since the early 2000s. Because of this relationship, Google has the tendency to display YouTube videos directly on their search engine results page if the video is optimized properly. Fully optimized videos allow your website, along with your YouTube page, to appear in the search engine results for popular keywords and phrases. This means users who are searching for information might see your website and your YouTube video in two out of the 10 organic positions on the first page of Google! More spots on the search engine results page means less space available for your competitors, and more ways for potential clients to get to your website!

Our Video Engagement Package

Unlike other videographers or production studios, we don’t just shoot and edit a number of videos for your firm and leave you to figure out what to do with them. We take a holistic approach to online marketing, working with you to develop the right concept and strategy for your video marketing campaign.

Once the videos are complete, we will help you use these assets to improve your firm’s web presence. With our team of experts behind your firm, you’ll receive the following:

  • A one-on-one concept development session
  • Media coaching before the shoot
  • Professional on-site video shoot
  • High-quality videos which you own (attorney profiles, video testimonials, practice area videos, firm introduction, frequently asked questions)
  • A custom YouTube channel created by our design team and stocked with your new videos
  • Transcription or accompanying blog for each video
  • Full video optimization for YouTube and the search engines
  • Distribution of all videos on social media channels

We also have additional features that can be added to your videos including animation and stock photography. Want the full gamut? We also can send a professional photographer to take headshots of your attorneys and staff.

Contact Our Video Marketing Experts

With more and more attorneys having websites, videos can help you stand out amongst the competition. It will help establish trust between you and potential clients, while at the same time making you more visible for those searching. If you are interested in our attorney video marketing and would like to get a quote, please click the button below. One of our video marketing specialists will reach out to you! You can also learn more about our paid marketing for attorneys here.