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Zola Suite Legal Practice Management Software

Native Email

Connects to your existing account as another device, automatically associates with matter-related contacts and file to the relevant matter

Email to Task

Convert emails to tasks with one click which allows you to delegate, set reminders and enforce accountability

Auto Track Time

Automatically track time and create time entries as you draft email messages or enter phone call notes for matter-related work

Email Documents

Email documents with two clicks, either from Zola’s document management system or from your computer’s hard drive

Bill as You Work

More than 10 different ways to automatically create time entries as you work including with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Advanced Options

Convert emails to tasks with one click which allows you to delegate, set reminders and enforce accountability

Beautiful Invoices

Ultra sharp invoices with ability to customize rows, columns, fonts, colors, invoice and line item discounts and much more

LawPay Integration

Accept credit cards using LawPay for retainers or as direct payment for invoices. Clients can also make payments through the Zola Caseway™ portal

Business Accounting

Built-in business accounting means you don’t have to manage your billing on one application and your accounting on another

Download Account Activity

Download account activity from every major financial institution including banks and credit cards

Check Printing

Print checks on standard 3-part check sheets and optionally pass expenses to clients, including for only a portion of the check amount

Reporting & Analytics

Access to a wide range of accounting and billing reports and analytics including General Ledger, Profit & Loss report and much more


Automatic and manual document versioning keeps files organized and clearly presents the progression of a document’s history

Advanced Features

Advanced features including tagging, foldering, commenting, ability to drag and drop whole folder hierarchies from desktop and more

Microsoft Word® Ribbon

Open and save files directly from Microsoft Word (for PC) as well access features such as versioning, tagging and commenting

Secure Sharing

Share files securely with clients and collaborators via Zola’s Caseway™ portal. Supports 2-factor authentication

The power of one
Your complete practice solution

  • ONE Instance of data entry for error reduction
  • ONE audit trail for ultimate accountability
  • ONE set of user permissions for optimal security
  • ONE point of support for mental sanity
  • ONE Interface for maximum productivity
  • ONE monthly fee for big savings

All In one Practice management system

Cloud 2.0 Practice Management

Built in, Not tacked on

  • Seamless

    Every feature and integration works seamlessly within Zola Suite with a single consistent interface
  • Built-in Business Accounting

    Does it really make sense to have your billing and accounting in separate applications?
  • Built-in Email

    Fully-native, matter-centric, email client with innovative features that enhance email capabilities
  • Powerful Mobile Capabilities

    Dedicated smartphone apps that optimize attributes unique to mobile devices including custom, branded portal apps, business card scanner with OCR, document scanner with edge detection and much more

First Generation Software

  • Over-reliance on External Integrations

    Wrestles with a hairball of external applications, each with its unique interface and learning curve
  • Billing Only

    Relies on 3rd party accounting integrations that aren’t configured for law firms
  • Clunky Work Arounds

    Requires matter related emails to be BCC’d and forwarded to a cryptic email address for each matter
  • Basic Mobile Features

    Does not push the envelope in terms of special capabilities for mobile devices

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