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Law Firm Client Generation
Website Design

  • 1-10

    Solo practitioners and small law firms face a number of challenges when it comes to online marketing including positioning, content development and budget restrictions. We have helped hundreds of small firms build affordable, high-impact websites that showcase their unique expertise and personal approach.

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  • 11-50

    Mid-size practices frequently compete with large firms in terms of appealing to corporate and highly-sophisticated clients. We bring a decade of expertise in working with over a thousand firms to help mid-size practices punch above their weight and powerfully resonate with potential clients.

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  • 51+

    As a large firm, you have the opportunity to set new trends with an innovative website and sophisticated marketing campaigns that garner national recognition. Whether your goal is to highlight your accomplishments or a niche practice group, we have the deep industry know-how to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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We work with all types of practices

including those in the most competitive areas, such as personal injury, criminal defense and family law

Transform Your Practice with More Leads. Guaranteed.


A Holistic Approach to Online Marketing

A website is just one component of a comprehensive online marketing campaign. At Zola Creative, we take a holistic approach to online marketing and SEO, offering our clients a full suite of services designed to help them build a powerful web presence that not only attracts new visitors but converts them into paying clients.


Over 10 Years Experience Serving Law Firms Nationwide

We’ve worked with over 1000 law firms. We know what you do. We know what your clients are looking for and most importantly, we are well-versed on the Rules of Professional Conduct, so we know what will and what won’t land you in front of the disciplinary committee.


Obsessed with Accountability

We’re not just about designing great looking websites, we’re obsessed with the science behind effective marketing. With all of our client generation services, we regularly review performance and provide tailored reports detailing successes and failures of the campaign; it’s just one of the ways our clients know that they’re getting a serious return on their investments.

Recognized Leader in Legal Marketing

How We Transform Practices

Small unknown personal injury firm in a big market to become amongst the most visible.

Increase the profile of a successful but largely unknown firm through online media placements.

Establish online visibility in a new market for an existing firm looking to test the waters before expansion.

From putting up a shingle to expanding to three states and dominating the market.

Our Clients Say It Best

Our Clients Say It Best

Antonio F. Valiente, Esq.
Valiente Law
Timothy Abeel
Timothy Abeel & Associates, P.C.
Kiel Roeschke
Roeschke Law, LLC
Alexander M. Biddle, Esq.
Biddle Law
Thomas M. Lancia
Thomas M. Lancia PLLC
Jonathan A. Tand
Jonathan A. Tand & Associates P.C.
Sheadyn R. Rogers
Rogers Law Firm
Thomas Dunlap
Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig PLLC
Ryan Coward
Court Martial Law
James Cramp
Cramp Law Firm
Not only does Zola Creative generate a good amount of leads; the leads are quality leads.
As the firm has grown, Zola Creative has been there every step of the way to come up with new ideas for the digital part of my law firm and its growth.
They made our process as seamless as possible.
Bottom line, ever since I signed with Zola, the amount of business I have has at least doubled and I couldn’t be happier with them.
Internet marketing is probably the most important service that Zola can provide for me.
Not only has Zola Media provided top-notch leads for my firm, they have helped us expand our business.
The key to sustaining my business is this website.
The team has been extremely supportive anytime we want any change. They're flexible which helps us grow.
I was just getting started and they were by far and away the number one choice.
The Zola team is very easy to work with and very open to my requests to tailor my website to my particular market needs.