Maureen Balili

Maureen Balili
Client Service Specialist

Maureen is a Client Service Specialist at Zola. Prior to working with Zola, she spent 10 years with a Real Estate Website Design and Marketing Firm and is, therefore, very familiar with the world of web development and support. She loves that every day brings a new challenge and she believes she really could not have a better team to face those challenges with!

  • What makes someone successful in a role like yours?
    I would say the ability to communicate and work well with others, organization is also key.
  • What motivates you?
    My husband. He's so smart, driven and hardworking; it's hard not to be motivated by him!
  • Name 3 words to describe the Zola team.
    Innovative. Driven. Supportive.
  • What was the coolest/worst job you ever had (excluding your time at Zola which we know is the coolest!)?
    One of the coolest jobs I've ever had was an internship with a top 40 radio station in Connecticut. I learned a lot about the inner-workings of broadcast radio and even got to spend some time on the air!
  • If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
    Captiva Island, FL - my family has vacationed there for 20+ years, so many wonderful memories!
  • What’s on your playlist?
    I love all types of music but I could listen to oldies all day, every day.