SEO for Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Zola, we know the contemporary criminal defense landscape presents unique challenges. By leveraging our SEO and marketing services, you can focus on protecting your clients’ rights and leave the business development work to us.

Backed by our digital marketing expertise, dedication to the legal community, and passion for technological innovation, our law firm SEO and marketing services are designed to help your firm attract and retain new clients.

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Zola Creative: Innovative client acquisition solutions to carry you into the future

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of criminal defense firms. We know that criminal defendants are frightened about losing their freedom and are often embarrassed about their situations. Many search online for a criminal defense attorney, one with a proven history of success trying criminal cases. To ensure your criminal defense firm is found by potential clients, a digital marketing strategy needs to focus, and deliver, on two key objectives:

(1) Getting found in the search results
(2) Creating a website with high quality content that embodies your legal knowledge, experience, and professionalism, conveying that you can achieve successful outcomes.

Zola’s expertise in law firm SEO and digital marketing will boost your online visibility, enabling potential clients to find you by searching the web for ‘criminal defense attorney’ in a particular location, by a specific crime (e.g. ‘DUI attorney’, ‘drug crimes lawyer), and other relevant search terms. The goal is to incentivize potential clients to visit your website, learn about the charges they are facing, and then contact your firm directly. Zola’s SEO and marketing strategies will optimize your website for top placement, allowing you to generate new leads and grow your practice.

In addition to combining law firm SEO (organic and local) and techniques with paid search (PPC), Zola Creative takes a holistic approach to digital marketing, offering online media placements, display advertising and remarketing, social media, directory placements and video marketing.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that within 3 months, you will rank on the first page of Google for 10 keywords.

We stand behind our work. If we don’t meet our visibility guarantee, you don’t pay us until we do. Period.

Maintaining your online visibility requires commitment.

A criminal defense firm’s visibility to potential clients is maximized when it attains a top ranking on a search engine results page. When it comes to top placement, your website needs to be continually enhanced to maintain its lead ranking.

This is where the dedicated team at Zola Creative excels. Our SEO services for criminal defense law firms optimizes both the backend coding of the website and focuses on creating content that can be readily identified by web crawlers.

Attracting new criminal defense clients also hinges on developing quality content that is insightful, relevant, and addresses their concerns. What charges am I facing? What are the penalties for a conviction? How will you defend me? Zola Creative’s team of writers will draft unique practice area content and blog posts that answers those questions.

Zola is all about accountability.

We consistently run reviews of our marketing campaigns and provide detailed monthly reports to ensure that our strategies are working and providing a good ROI for our clients.

Manage your leads with Zola CRM.

Zola Creative also provides clients with access to Zola CRM, a state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) system created for law firms. Zola CRM allows criminal defense attorneys to manage leads by streamlining intake and centrally integrating inquiries into a pipeline funnel without manual data entry or task duplication. Other benefits include organizing leads by source, practice area and potential revenue, identifying and cultivating high-value prospects and generating meaningful metrics to guide your practice.

ROI Calculator – How much would you like to grow your business?

The ROI calculator will assist you in determining the value of new client acquisition to your criminal defense law firm and in determining appropriate budgets and objectives for law firm SEO and other marketing services.

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