Integrated Legal Marketing. Powerful Results

Far too many attorneys waste considerable time and money on disjointed marketing campaigns. They use one provider for the firm’s website, another to help with their e-newsletter campaigns, yet another to host their blogs and a different consultant for SEO. At Zola Creative Media, we believe in streamlining your online marketing initiatives to save you energy and expense, and we’ve created a comprehensive system which gives you all the technology and expertise you need in a single location, with a single group of professionals.

Integrated Legal Marketing. Powerful Results.

Robust Attorney Websites

We offer firms a completely custom website solution which increases visibility, generates new business and supercharges referrals. All of the sites that we develop feature captivating designs, an extensive content library and integrated site tools such as click to call technology, integrated blogging, a comprehensive newsletter system and online event management designed to engage clients, prospective clients and colleagues.

Integrated Legal Marketing. Powerful Results.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

Even the most attractive website is not effective if internet users can’t find it, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of our website services. All websites designed and hosted by Zola Creative Media benefit from our industry-leading Foundational Optimization which is designed to increase visibility so potential clients find your website and see all that your firm has to offer. For attorneys and law firms who desire aggressive and comprehensive search optimization, we offer our exclusive Synergy™ Search Engine Optimization service. With this premium option, your firm will receive advanced content customization, strategic intra-site linking, annotated news section, off-site search optimization and much more.

Integrated Legal Marketing. Powerful Results.

Email Newsletter & Blog Marketing to Supercharge Referrals

An effective legal marketing campaign must not only get your firm in front of new clients, but also keep you connected with past clients and colleagues to ensure continued referral generation. At Zola Creative Media, we’ve created the ultimate top of mind marketing tool that allows you to keep in touch with all those you meet in just a few minutes each month. Insight in Motion is a comprehensive legal newsletter and blog content publication and distribution system which fosters long-term connections with clients and colleagues to guarantee you’re kept in mind when business opportunities arise.

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