Indiana State Bar Association

Indiana State Bar Association

You’ve probably been told that you need a website, blog, e-newsletter campaign and social media accounts to build a powerful web presence. And if you’re like most attorneys, you’ve likely struggled with finding the time to develop and lead all of these marketing initiatives. At Zola Creative, we know that you have a demanding schedule and that there usually aren’t enough hours in the day for billable work, let alone to become your firm’s full-time webmaster. Over the past decade, we’ve helped attorneys in Indiana and across the country build effective websites without breaking the bank or overcrowding their already packed schedules.

Powerful Attorney Websites
At the core of an effective online marketing campaign is a powerhouse website. At Zola Creative, this is what we do best. All of the websites we develop feature captivating designs, sophisticated content, engaging interactive tools and compelling calls to action. To meet the needs of the different firms we serve, we offer multiple development options ensuring your website helps you achieve your unique goals and stay on budget.

A Comprehensive Solution
The truth of the matter is that there are many different components to successful online marketing. At Zola Creative, we’ve taken all of the different tools that you need to manage these initiatives and have combined them into one central control panel – our Site Manager. This leading content management system was designed for law firms by a practicing attorney, and it features tools that attorneys actually need (and can easily manage) including an integrated blog, e-newsletter management system, click to call technology and event management system all in one location. This streamlined approach to marketing helps you save time, money and frustration.

Our Team of Experts Becomes Your Team of Experts
Successful legal marketing requires ongoing work and commitment. That’s why our relationship with your firm doesn’t end once we launch your website. We will be at your side to help you every step of the way. You can call on our team of experts for help at anytime, at no cost to your firm.

All Indiana State Bar Association members receive a 15% discount off of our website design fee. Contact us today and mention the code “Indiana Bar” to take advantage of this great discount.