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A Summer of Wonderful

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We have a lot of joyous moments at Zola Creative: having a new attorney join the Zola Creative family, watching the firms we work with grow and of course, launching a new website. This summer was truly a great season of highs and we got to experience all of the above; most notably, we launched 50 new websites! Now it’s not the number that gets us excited, it’s the fact that 50 practices have incredible websites that will allow them to connect with prospective clients, colleagues and current clients, and help them build a powerful web presence.

Below you’ll find a small sampling of some of our summer launches:

Borowsky & Hayes LLP, a San Francisco Business & Civil Litigation Firm:

Kirkpatrick Law Firm ,  Palm Beach, FL Estate Planning & Employment Attorneys:

Law Offices of Savin & Bursk, a San Fernando Valley, CA Litigation Firm:

Longman & Van Grack, a full service Maryland law practice:

Plotnick Law, Tampa Bay Area Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorneys:

Kazbay Law Firm, a New York-based International Law Firm:

Fearnley, Martin & McDonald, a Memphis, TN Law Firm that specializes in Real Estate Closings:

Eager for more? Check out our portfolio to see some of our other recent launches and start dreaming up what you perfect site might look like.